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5-Star Rated Orthodontist
In Tucson, Arizona (AZ)
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5-Star Rated Orthodontist
In Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

Emergency Care

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Emergency Care With Braces

At times, you may experience a loose or broken bracket, as well as a bent or broken tie wire. Many issues with your braces can be repaired temporarily until your next visit. If the suggestions on this page are unable to help, the Kassman 3D orthodontics team can walk you through most solutions right over the phone. If you are experiencing a wire that is broken or poking, be sure to call our Tucson, Arizona orthodontics office at 520.575.1177 to schedule an appointment for repair or replacement.

Irritating Tie Wire On Your Braces

To prevent irritation to your mouth before your appointment, place dental wax over a poking wire. If wax is not available, you can use a piece of pencil eraser or a Q-tip end to create a barrier between the sharp wire and your irritated gums. If the poking wire is in a hard to reach or see, you may need to ask for assistance from a parent or friend for proper placement.

Poking Archwire & Loose Bands Or Brackets

Poking archwires that have loosened may cause irritation to the gums. You can typically bend the wire away from your gums with the eraser side of a pencil to reduce irritation, or clip the wire so that it is flush. Once resolved, you can typically wait until your next appointment to have this adjusted. If you are unable to clip the wire or bend it successfully, call 520.575.1177 to schedule an appointment for an adjustment.

Loose bands or brackets typically do not cause irritation or discomfort. You can leave a loose band or bracket in place until your next visit.

Injuries To The Mouth With Braces

If you sustain an injury to your mouth or teeth, immediately ice the area and contact your regular dentist as soon as possible. Typically, you will need an x-ray of the injured area to determine the severity of the injury. Your dentist will have the necessary materials to treat displaced, fractured, or knocked out teeth. Once the injury to your mouth or teeth has been addressed and resolved by your regular dentist, Dr. Kassman will be able to replace and repair your braces.


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